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Ammit - The Chow Hounds

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The Chow Hounds

These gods are major foodies. Some have particular cuisines they love, while others simply enjoy cooking up a storm. Clear the Home Ec room—they're stirring up the pots and heating the ovens to piping hot temperatures.


In Buddhist mythology, these greedy spirits wander around, begging all over Japan for food and water. They were so covetous while alive that they can't stop bothering others even after they're dead. Or, perhaps, some ungrateful kids didn't properly honor them. So make sure you're fair to your ancestors… or else.


Don't bother Demeter. Ery, a Greek dude, learned that the hard way when he cut down the goddess's sacred grove. When the goddess popped up as a priestess to tell him to stop, Erysichthon threatened her with an axe—and as a result, he became so insatiably hungry that he literally ate himself out of house and home.


Want to gobble up some Polynesian food? Don't do it around Taitai, the Maori lord of hunger. He'll eat everything in sight—maybe even you—so be careful.

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