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Ammit - Hybrid Hotties

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Hybrid Hotties

It's not hip now to be just a single animal—you've got to have different parts of different animals to be a whole new creature! These mixed-up beasties are all sorts of fun: They might honk one day, and neigh the next. Here, what you see isn't what you get.

The Chimera

This Greek monster spits fire and has three heads—one lion, one goat, and one snake. It's lucky for humans that Bellerophon killed her with a leaded spear, or else she'd set everything on fire. Ammit super misses her, though.

The Basilisk

Get snaky with it! This snake-chicken mixture is one amazingly horrifying creature as far as Ammit's concerned. He might not freeze people like his counterpart in Harry Potter, but his hissing kills those who tune in. Needless to say, it's music to Ammit's ears.


Finally, here's one good mixed-up creature. The Qilin, hailing from China, has horsey hooves and a deer-like body, along with a unicorn horn. The Qilin is Ammit's least favorite member of the Hybrid Hotties, though, since it's a symbol of good luck and only pops up if really decent folks are around. And Ammit doesn't get to eat decent folks when they die.

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