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Ammit Spotter's Guide

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Spotter's Guide

Ammit's not too easy on the eyes. She's one-third hippo, one-third lioness, and another third crocodile. She's not a kind soul, either, and she eagerly devours the hearts of the guilty when their organs are weighed against Ma'at's feather of truth—when the hearts are heavier, Ammit gets to chow down. Ammit loves to linger, looking for a healthy heart to nibble on.

Sex: All woman
Age: Forties
Build: Slithery in some parts, furry in others
Complexion: Crocodile-y
Hair Color: Dark
Facial Hair: None
Scars/marks/tattoos: Mar this glorious body? I think not.
Jewelry and accessories: None
Clothing: Nudist at heart
Armor: Lion's fur; hippo tush
Type of Weapon: My teeth

Typical Companions:


Known Hangouts:

The Hall of Two Truths in the Underworld
Jail cells
Grocery store produce aisles

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