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Amun - The Leaders of the Pack

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The Leaders of the Pack

Amun is the king of the Egyptian gods (during the New Kingdom, at least). He eats lunch with the other VIP leaders on the front steps of school, where he can watch everything that goes on. He and the other kings and rulers strategize how to win battles, how to rule their people, and how to enforce laws.

Zeus (Jupiter)

Head of the Greek pantheon, Zeus is a pretty famous guy. As you might expect, people got to comparing Zeus and Amun. After all, both are rulers associated with the sky and both represent some aspect of male fertility. The Greek writer Herodotus even went so far as to claim they were the same deity: Zeus Ammon.


You might not think that the king of the Norse gods would have much in common with the king of the Egyptian gods, but both these guys are mad mysterious. They also share a deep love of truth and justice. Their biggest difference is probably that Odin really appealed to the aristocrats, while many of Amun's most pious worshippers were the down-and-out.

The Dagda

The Dagda is a hardcore god-king of Ireland's Tuatha Dé Danann. He's a warrior, skilled worker, and magician. He is a bit more of a goofball than most of his godly-counterparts in other cultures but, you know, we can't all be Odin. Like Amun, the Dagda is a god of the people, and Amun's absorption of the war god Montu gives these two dudes even more in common.


All of these guys are gods of war in some capacity, and Indra (king of the Hindu gods) is no exception. Plus, he's got the sky-association thing going for him. Amun has the wind, and Indra has lightning.

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