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Amun Sightings

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Dec 20, 2019 - Dec 20, 2019

Statuette of Amun

This statue of Amun was built right at the end of Amun's godly predominance. He's missing the big feathers in his cap, but otherwise it's in great condition. Solid gold, super beautiful, and if you happen to visit NYC you can go see it at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Dec 20, 2019

The Phoenix on the Sword (1932) and Conan: Book of Thoth (2006)

Thoth-Amon is a dark wizard who is Conan's arch-nemesis. His first appearance was in 1932, in one of the very first Conan stories. Then, when Conan comics became the cool thing, he was in some of those, too. He makes a bonus appearance in the incredibly cheesy 1984 Arnold Schwarzenegger film Conan the Destroyer.

Dec 20, 2019

Marvel's Strange Tales (1959) and Thor

Ammon Ra popped up in Marvel's Strange Tales in an issue of Thor in 1982, only this portrayal of Amun was actually as a different aspect of Atum. (Sounds like somebody didn't do their research.) The character also appears in a few issues of Uncanny X-Men.

Dec 20, 1992

"Amun's Blessing"

This intense poem is from a book about the pharaoh Akhenaten by Australian poet Dorothy Porter. Akhenaten is famous for being one of the only pharaohs (and definitely the most vocal) to not worship Amun during the New Kingdom period.

Dec 20, 1999

The Mummy

Though the god doesn't pop up in flesh and blood, per se, the fictional Book of Amun Ra is a major plot device in this film. It's a shiny gold book full of spells that can counter those in the Book of the Dead.

"Song of Amun Ra"

This is a contemporary poem for Amun-Ra, with lots of very serious religious intent. There is a group of American Muslims who have incorporated ancient Egyptian beliefs into their own scriptures.

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