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Antigone Rising was the name of an all-girl rock group. And we're pretty sure that Antigone has their posters on her walls.

In another version of Antigone's story, she is secreted away by Haemon to live with shepherds for a while. After she has Haemon's child, though, Creon finds out about her, and Haemon ends up killing her and himself. Man, this girl seriously could not catch a break.

129 Antigone is the name of an asteroid made of almost pure nickel and iron. Hm... hard and unyielding, just like our girl.

Although Antigone is the last of Sophocles' Oedipus plays chronologically, it was actually the first one he wrote.

Versions of Sophocles' Antigone have been performed all over the world to protest oppressive regimes, including the Nazis and the apartheid era government of South Africa. You go, girl. (Source.)

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