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Up until 2007, there was an "Anubis Award" for horror books, sponsored by Broken Umbrella Press. The press and the award are no longer among the living. (Source)

Anubis (and his friend and sometimes-aspect the god Wepwawet) give their names to free Internet tools you can use to check malware, or bad computer programs. (Source)

Anubis doesn't seem to be cool enough to get a whole planet, like some other gods, but he does have a main-belt asteroid named for him, called 1912 Anubis. (Source)

When is a dog sometimes a cat? In Japan, of course. In the shonen manga (Japanese anime) Black Cat, Anubis is the sixth Chronos Number. (Source)

Both the Mummy movies and the Stargate universes include Anubis-related soldiers. The jackal-headed "Army of Anubis" runs all over the place and wrecks the desert in The Mummy Returns. In Stargate SG-1, the Kull Warriors are what happens when you cross Anubis (their father in the Stargate universe) with the Terminator.

Anubis is the name of a roller coaster in Belgium. Do these twists and turns scare you to death?

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