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Anubis - Murder of Osiris

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Murder of Osiris

Case Description: Seth (defendant) was accused, and later convicted of murdering his brother, Osiris. After Osiris's wife Isis retrieved the body from Byblos, but before they had a chance to plan the funeral, Seth stole the body, cut it into pieces, and hid them all over Egypt. As Egypt's first official death investigator, Anubis went with Isis to find the pieces and embalm them to create a mummy.

Case Status: Pending Seth's arrest, all of Osiris's parts were found, except one. Isis and Anubis made the mummy anyway, and Anubis took his father to the Hall of the Two Truths (the halls of judgment) in the underworld, where Osiris now rules over the dead. Seth is still at large.

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