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Anubis - Princes

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Forget about the princesses. The Princes are divine sons of divine kings, and they rule, without any of that bling or any pointy pink hats. Anubis's name actually means "royal child," so you know these kings of the gym have a place for him.


Not only is this Norse son of Odin beautiful and very popular, his name also means "royal" in Old English, so he has quite a bit in common with Anubis. Plus, he's dead—they got to meet once Balder was killed by an arrow (or spear) made of mistletoe. Balder and Anubis hang out in the underworld and chat about life in the world of the living, where Balder is forbidden to return until the world ends.

Horus the Younger and his Four Sons

This hawk-headed teen titan is one of Anubis's best buddies, and the royal son of King Osiris and Queen Isis. According to some myths, they're half-brothers (with the same father). Anubis also spends a lot of time with the Four Sons of Horus, who guard the organs of the mummies Anubis practices putting together at night school.

Heracles (Hercules)

Okay, so maybe he's not entirely a prince of the gods (with a mortal mother), but are you going to argue with the biggest guy in the gym about whether or not he can be part of the clique? Didn't think so. Heracles is still the son of Zeus, and what he doesn't have in royal breeding he more than makes up for in power and glory, mostly of the face-bashing kind. Bullies better watch out.

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