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Apollo and Daphne The First Pine Trees

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The First Pine Trees

The myth of "Apollo and Daphne" explains where the laurel tree came from. Other cultures also have stories explaining the origins of certain types of trees. The Micmacs, a group of American Indians in Canada's Maritime Provinces, have a legend that explains where the first pine trees came from.

In the Micmac legend, three brothers make wishes that aren't all that specific. One brother wishes to be very tall. The second brother wishes that he could always be in the forest. The third brother wishes to have a super long life and always be healthy. These wishes sound a lot like Daphne's wish to always be in the forest and be a virgin, right? Like Daphne, these brothers get their wish – sort of. They're each turned into a pine tree. The first brother becomes a really tall pine tree, the second turns into a pine tree that's obviously permanently in the forest, and the third becomes a healthy pine tree that lives for a very long time.

Curious about this legend? You can read the full story here.

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