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Apophis Gossip

Apophis isn't actually a god, but an anti-god. He was created by accident, while his mother, Neith, was speaking all the names of created beings. She accidentally drooled a little (ew) and the saliva that fell from her face turned into Apophis. Because he wasn't created on purpose, Apophis isn't part of creation, and wants nothing more than to see it all destroyed. Talk about holding a grudge.

Like a number of Egyptian gods and goddesses, Apophis is a System Lord in the Stargate universe. And he's still a very bad guy.

Apophis (full name 99942 Apophis / 2004 MN4) is out there, waiting to destroy us. This time, he's not a giant serpent of sun-chomping doom, but a near-Earth asteroid that could (but probably won't) collide with the earth sometime between 2029 and 2053.

Apophis prod makes some pretty sick beats… hip hop beats, that is.

There was a pharaoh named Apepi (1575-1540BCE) during the Second Intermediate Period, a time when foreigners ruled Egypt. Even though Pharaoh Apepi worshipped Seth, he wasn't considered to be as evil as his namesake.