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Apophis - Haters

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Nobody in this clique likes anybody. Including each other. Of course, this makes it hard for the group to meet, or grow, or do much of anything, but what do you expect? Haters gonna hate.

Erinyes (Furies)

The Greeks and Romans sometimes called this trio of terror "The Kindly Ones," but that was just to keep them from coming around. Permanently mad, very bad, and super dangerous to know, they hate evil, and do everything they can to destroy sinners.


The king of Asgard's frost giants, Thrym hates the Aesir (Odin and all his Norse god pals), he hates Asgard, he hates peopleā€¦ and he really hates Thor. His hate is as big as he is. Good thing he's not very bright.


We're not entirely sure that Apophis's nemesis Seth is an evil Egyptian god, but we do know that he's a hater. Seth hates Osiris enough to kill him (or at least that's Isis's story), and Seth hates Horus the Younger enough to torment him with pointless battles for the throne. More than anything, though, Seth hates losing. But he's not entirely filled with hate: We know he has a soft spot for shy girls like Nephthys, and tomboys like Neith and Anat and Astarte.

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