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Arawn - Hunting Hotties

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Hunting Hotties

These guys and gals are outdoorsy folks, always looking to saddle up and spear an animal. They plunge through the wood with their hounds, searching for prey, during recess. You can find them sniffing the ground to track down a lost squirrel or shimmying up and down trees for the same purpose.


This Roman goddess of nature, fertility, childbirth, and hunting manages to set aside some time from her Olympian to-do list to go hunting with her best friends. You'd better watch out, though, if you're one of her chosen pals—if they fall for a guy, they get turned into bears.


An Egyptian goddess of the hunt, Pakhet looks, walks, and talks (or snarls) like a predator, since she has the head of a lioness. She can also take on the appearance of a panther or cobra, two fierce predators of the desert. Whether she spits or hisses at you, watch out and jump out of her path.


This Guyanese hero is also thought to have been the first dude on Earth. He used to live in the sky, but followed a beautiful bird and saw it fly down to Earth. Taking a rope, he slid down to the world below and has been here ever since.

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