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Arawn - Under the World, Not the Sea

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Under the World, Not the Sea

What's in a name? When it comes to the Other or Underworld, it's pretty self-explanatory. These lords and ladies of the Other-realms hang out together, doing all sorts of mystifying things that dazzle the senses—and their fellow cafeteria-goers.


This lord of the dead isn't always the happiest fellow, but he begrudgingly sits with his pals at lunchtime. When he isn't pining over Persephone at the next table, he's starting food fights—without anyone knowing who did so, of course.

Hun-Camé and Vukub-Camé

The Maya Underworld, Xibalba, had not one, but two, not-so-nice fellas to rule over it. Demon kings Hun-Camé and Vukub-Camé ruled with iron fists over Xibalba. They even lured down a few heroes under the pretext of playing ball, then bumped them off. Needless to say, they don't share their cookies at lunch.


She's not as bad as she sounds, we promise. This Norse ruler of the realm of the dead, Helheim, isn't too attractive—she's a half-alive, half-dead hag—but, in her defense, she had it rough growing up. Her dad was the trickster Loki and the gods tossed her downstairs to the Underworld. Ever since then, she's been Facebook-stalking them, looking to get revenge.

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