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Artemis and Actaeon Secret Grove

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Secret Grove

Ooh la la. Welcome to the secret grove. Dim the lights and strike up the jazz lyre, because things are about to get steamy.

Often, in music and literature, secret groves are places where the normal rules don't apply. One common example is that strong-willed or otherwise unattainable women become vulnerable—usually by taking off their clothes. Time and again, guys see women who are out of their league doing something sexy. It's a pretty standard male fantasy, and it has some major roots in Greek mythology.

Secret groves are also where people can let their guards down. Think of it like a day spa: a place to unwind, take a dip, and get a foot massage from a nymph. Artemis loved her secret grove because she could just chill for once, and didn't have to be on high alert against all the dudes who were trying to put her down. So when Actaeon bursts in and invades her sacred space, she gets rip-roarin' mad at him. No wonder.

You don't have to look far to find men peeping on women these days: just think of that hole in the wall of the girls' locker room in every high school movie.

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