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Artemis and Actaeon Dogs

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Okay, we're not kidding: each of Actaeon's 30-50 dogs had a name. Our favorites include Aura, Zephyrus, and Chediaetros.

Don't be fooled through—even though their names sound goofy, these canines were no joke when it came to ripping apart their prey. When they get a whiff of their master after he's been turned into a deer, they pounce on him without hesitation, tearing into the poor stag with more force than your uncle uses to attack a basket of buffalo wings.

Sadly, some versions of the myth say that the dogs later realize that they've just made a four part feast of the guy who used to scratch them behind the ears. In this version, they're so distraught at their mistake that they fall into a deep doggie depression. To lessen their grief, the centaur Chiron creates a statue of Actaeon in his cave, which the dogs gaze on lovingly. Aw.

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