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Asclepius - Life of the Party (Resurrected Gods)

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Life of the Party (Resurrected Gods)

This is a pretty exclusive club, to say the least. You can't get in unless you've died and come back to life. We don't know too many folks who've managed to pull off that trick, but it's pretty impressive. Even though Asclepius never regained his mortal life after Zeus zapped him, the good doctor became an honorary member of this clique when he learned how to bring others back from the dead.


Dionysus, the god of wine and revelry, was known for coming back from the dead. (No wonder he didn't care how hard he partied.) The god of wine actually gets extra points because he managed to go to the underworld and back a couple times, even though he got totally dismembered. (Um... ouch.)


Just like Dionysus, this Egyptian god died and came back to life. In another fun story, Osiris was dismembered and then put back together again. Sound familiar? Because of these similarities, Dionysus and Osiris are often equated and sometimes even merged into one. Two peas in a pod, we guess.

Jesus Christ

Based on Dionysus' reputation for wild behavior, you might not think that he and Jesus have a lot in common. The two are compared pretty often, though. The dismemberment and resurrection of Dionysus was a key aspect of his religion, just as Christ's death on the cross and resurrection is the major basis of Christianity.

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