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Atalanta - King Pirithous vs. the Centaur Tribe

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King Pirithous vs. the Centaur Tribe

Case Description: Complainant (King Pirithous) accuses Defendants (the Centaur Tribe) of attempted sexual assault. When Ixion's son, Pirithous, got married to Hippodamia, he invited his half-brothers, the centaurs. Eurytion, the centaur chief, and his buddies got super drunk and tried to take off with the bride.

Case Status: Case closed. Pirithous didn't take this lying down and fought the Centaurs, starting the Centaur War, a.k.a. the Centaurmachy. The King was joined in this by some famous faces like Theseus and Atalanta. By the end, almost all of the Centaurs were wiped out.

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