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Aten - Kings' Best Friends

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Kings' Best Friends

There's nothing like being adored by a monarch. These lords and ladies are positively ecstatic when their favorite kings and queens lavish them with offerings. They're rather self-absorbed and spend their time comparing who got the better holiday presents.


The Greek lady of wisdom, mistress of Athens, and patroness of crafts has one dude on her mind--Odysseus. Sure, Athena remained a virgin, but her favorite mortal was the king of Ithaca himself. She helped him out of many jams--aided him in killing suitors and getting home safe after Troy.


The last Babylonian king, Nabonidus, might've lost his kingship because he was so devoted to only the moon god, Sin. That doesn't bother Sin one bit--he loved the attention. He and Nabby were BFFs and Sin still hangs out in his old temples, reliving glory days gone by.


Years ago, the Emperor of China, Zhenzong, demanded that his favorite god, Dongyue, be honored a ton. He made Big D's worship required in his empire and built a ton of temples. Dongyue represents a famous mountain in China, so he's pretty tall and likes to tower over other people.

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