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Atlas - Weight Lifters

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Weight Lifters

The members of this clique spend all their time in the weight room getting stacked. Their idea of a fun afternoon is dead-lifting barbells, sweating a lot, and giving each other high fives. Sometimes they even go lift cars in the parking lot just for fun—pretty impressive, don't you think?

Heracles (Hercules)

Think of the biggest, hunkiest dude that you've ever laid eyes on. Now multiply that by the biggest number you can imagine. There you go: Heracles. He wasn't just a hero to the ancient Greeks, he was a god... literally. And he even helped Atlas hold up the sky for a bit one time—but then Heracles abandoned him. Poor Atlas.


Just like Atlas, this Egyptian god—whose name translates to "he who rises up"—is in charge of holding up the sky. But unlike Atlas, Shu's sky-holding wasn't any kind of punishment. Actually, it is his sacred duty, and he is all about it. Shu is usually shown with his arms held upward holding Nut, the sky, while standing on Geb, the Earth. Check it out.

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