Guardians of Kings

Who's keeping an eye on the king while the king's keeping an eye on his country? The royal guardians, of course. These protectors help keep the monarch safe and sound, both magically and physically, so that they won't come into any harm.


Everybody knows Merlin's a wizard, but did you know he helped guide the young King Arthur? This magical man allegedly helped transport the boulders to create Stonehenge and helped save Britain, all while keeping the king-to-be hidden away. And who said multitasking isn't doable?


Athens might be famous for its democracy, but before Greece was ruled by the people, kings reigned—and Zeus was there to protect them. Zeus won't let anyone live it down, either; even though democracy's well-established, he still boasts that he helped bring about and guide the careers of many heroes. After all, many of them were his own descendants, so he was really just keeping it all in the family.


These "dragon kings" are a tightly-knit posse of protectors. The draconic monarchs watch over the Buddha in Japanese tales, but also get some help from humans. For example, one of the Ryuo once needed aid getting his kingdom out from under the many feet of an evil centipede. Um… awesome.

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