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Balder's name may be related to the Old English "bald" and Old High German "pald," both of which mean "bold." An alternative theory of Balder's name is that it comes from a Baltic language loan-word "baltas," meaning "the white, the good" (source: Deustsche Mythologie, Chapter 11).

Balder has two flowers named after him: Matricaria perforata, or Scentless Mayweed, and Matricaria maritima, or seaweed. Both are called "Balder's Brow," after Balder's renowned fairness of feature (source).

Balder has some streets named after him. In Copenhagen, Denmark: Baldersgade, and in Reykjavik, Iceland: Baldursgata.

Take note, Dungeons and Dragons fans: a computer spin-off of the classic role-playing game is Baldur's Gate, a part of the "Forgotten Realms" campaign (source).

The only person who won't weep at Balder's death is a giantess. Many people think this giantess is actually Loki in disguise.

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