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Bast - Meow Mix

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Meow Mix

These goddesses love cats, and they want you to know it. They're never seen without at least a few of their furry friends in tow. Bast is the oldest member of this clique, and everybody's seen her riding around town with her kittens in her bicycle basket.


Durga's so fond of cats that she rides one—a huge, beautiful tiger—to school. As a Hindu goddess, she and her tiger also ride out to destroy evil demons and protect the universe.


Everybody's seen this Norse goddess park her chariot in the school parking lot. But they might not realize that those two cats that follow her around everywhere pull that chariot: it runs on catpower and not horsepower.


Sekhmet, the mistress of destruction, has a lioness form that is sometimes mistaken for her fellow Egyptian lioness goddess, Bast. In times of trouble, Sekhmet and Bast can merge with the sun, the Great Cat Ra, to create a powerful new deity called Sekhmet-Bast-Ra. Talk about a giant lion-based Voltron!

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