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Spotter's Guide

Meow! Looking for Bast? She'll be the one pawing at you—sometimes not so gently—since she's often in the form of a cat. Even when she's in human form, she still has the head of a cat, so she's tough to miss. She's also a pretty fancy lady, so keep an eye out for some extravagant accessories.

Sex: Female
Age: Adult
Build: Average female with a cat's head (human form); or a sleek black cat (cat form)
Complexion: Yellowish (like all ancient Egyptian paintings of women)
Hair Color: Hidden under a wig in her human form, black or green or blue fur in her cat form
Facial Hair: None, unless in cat form.
Scars/marks/tattoos: None. In cat form sometimes the image of a scarab is on the top of her head, or she has spots in her fur and a few rings around her tail.
Jewelry and accessories: A broad gold collar and bracelets in her human form; a necklace with the Eye of Ra in it for her cat form; and a golden hoop earring in one ear. She also carries a sistrum, which is a rattle-like musical instrument, also carried by the goddess Hathor.
Clothing: In human form, a tight fitting dress, usually green or red
Armor: none
Type of Weapon lots of cat claws and teeth

Typical Companions:
Bast doesn't usually hang out with the other gods, but she can be found with other cats, lions, or a basket full of kittens.

Known Hangouts:
The nearest sunbeam
The edge of the desert
Her temple
The eternal fields of Osiris's afterlife, where she can eat catnip and chocolates all day

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