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Bragi Spotter's Guide

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Spotter's Guide

(Middle school level)

As official poet of the Asgard, Bragi is a pretty busy fellow. He has a lot of notable deeds to commemorate, after all. He's also Odin's official "greeter," so you might find him in Valhalla, welcoming the souls of fallen Vikings with poems of praise. You'll recognize him because he'll probably be carrying a harp so he can accompany his poems with music. And, oh yeah—did we mention he has mysterious magical pictograms called runes carved on his tongue? That's right. Say ah, Bragi!

Sex: Male
Age: Old enough to be wise, young enough to be eternally youthful
Build: Average
Complexion: Fair
Hair Color: Fair
Facial Hair: Usually majorly bearded
Scars/marks/tattoos: Rune carvings on tongue… NBD
Jewelry and accessories: Harp
Clothing: Medieval Scandinavian
Armor: Only when necessary
Type of Weapon: The mind (i.e., an encyclopedic knowledge of poetry and word-crafts)

Typical Companions:

His wife, Idunn
His dinner-companion and pupil, Aegir

Known Hangouts:

The library
Poetry slams
In the center of the mead-hall

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