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Bragi - Yearbook Staff

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Yearbook Staff

As god of the skalds and a poet himself, it's Bragi's job to commemorate the deeds of his court. So he's a natural fit for the yearbook staff—these kids are all about record-keeping. You'll find them in the computer lab (or bent over their papyrus, or wax tablet, or goat hide) long after everybody else has gone home. They're around to make sure that no heroic victory over the cross-town rivals goes undocumented. You'll want to make friends with these guys. Otherwise, that unflattering picture of you on a bad hair day could end up in the annals of history for good.


The Egyptian god Thoth wrote the original Wikipedia. When Re created the world by speaking the names of all things, Thoth recorded it. This ultimate record-keeper also wrote down everything that ever happened. Yeah. Since this was way before computers, even before typewriters, we're guessing his arm got really, really tired.  And his job wasn't even over yet: He also had to write the name of the king on the leaves of a sacred tree every year, plus record every soul's good deeds as he stood before Osiris hoping to gain entry to the afterlife. That's a lot of papyrus!


This Chinese goddess honored by Daoists and Buddhists has three eyes so that she can see everything in the world. This ability comes in handy for her job as a divine scribe responsible for keeping records on (and judging) all people. She also keeps detailed records on the other divinities—no easy task, since there are many thousands of them in her pantheon!

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