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Conchobar mac Nessa - Conchobar vs. Ferloga

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Conchobar vs. Ferloga

Case description: Conchobar accuses Ferloga of blackmail after Mac Datho's feast. When the warriors of Ulster and Connacht each claimed a magic dog, the dog's owner, Mac Datho, hosted a feast for the contenders. He cooked everyone a juicy pig, but the heroes would divide it up according to whose deeds were greatest. After each hero bragged forever to get the honor, Conall Cernach won by trickery. Eventually, the magic dog got loose and Ferloga killed it. To avoid his punishment, he grabbed Conchobar's hair, jumped into his chariot, and threatened to tear his head off unless he protected him.

Case status: Resolved. Ferloga wanted safe haven in Ulster and wanted all the women in the area to praise him 24/7. Eventually, Conchobar got him to go away by giving him a pair of horses with golden bridles.

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