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Conchobar mac Nessa - Raised by Mom

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Raised by Mom

Moms had the upper hand when it came to raising these stellar sons. Like Conchobar—whose "mac Nessa" refers to his mom, not his dad—many lads were schooled in their formative years by some formidable females. That doesn't mean they didn't have fathers; just that their moms brought out the best in their little boys. Needless to say, these moms get the best presents on Valentine's Day.


This centaur tutor, who trained the likes of Achilles, totally preferred mom to dad. Here's a quick recap: his mother was the Oceanid Philyra. While Kronos was out searching for Zeus (in the shape of a horse), he met Philyra; as a result, their son was half-man, half-horse (that's Chiron). Shocked by her son, Philyra prayed to be anything other than a weirdo's mom—and Zeus turned her into a lime tree. Chiron is such a nice guy that he pays homage to the mama he never knew by adopting the nickname "Philyrides," or "son of Philyra," even though he's Zeus's half-brother. He spends his time buffing his family portrait or redrawing the Olympian family tree.


Loki's mom might not be too pleased to be associated with such a devious fellow. His dad is the giant Farbauti and his mom is Laufey, but Loki's often called his mother's son. Why is that, you might ask? The trickster remains mum on the subject, but Norse gossip rags have said it's because Loki is ashamed to be a giant's son. As it turns out, he's already a bit tall for his age.


A mythical Indian king, Pururavas was often called "Aila," which referred to his mom's name. Why? It depends who you ask, but some say that people got confused because Aila was once a man and then a woman.

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