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Creon - Creon vs. Theseus

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Creon vs. Theseus

Case Description: Complainant (Theseus) accuses Defendant (Creon) of attempted kidnapping. An oracle claimed that wherever the body of Oedipus was buried would be blessed. When Creon tried to convince Oedipus to allow him to bury his body in Thebes, Oedipus refused, wishing to be buried in Colonus, a suburb of Athens, instead. Creon got really mad about this and tried to kidnap Oedipus' daughters, Antigone and Ismene, and even Oedipus himself.

Case Status: Case closed. Theseus, King of Athens, showed up and saved the day, rescuing Antigone and Ismene and allowing Oedipus to be buried in Colonus.

Addendum: In some versions of the story, this fight between Creon and Theseus leads to a full-scale war, in which Athens kicks Thebes' butt, and Theseus ends up killing Creon.

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