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Cúchulainn (Cúchulain) - Estate of Conlaoch vs. Cúchulainn

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Estate of Conlaoch vs. Cúchulainn

Case Description: Defendant (Cúchulainn) is accused of voluntary manslaughter of his own son. After having only one child—the boy's mom was the warrior queen Aoife—Cúchulainn cast some sort of spell on the baby. He forbade his future son from doing the following: telling anyone his name, moving out of the way for any man, or refusing to fight anyone.

Once he hit puberty, Conloach wanted to make a rep for himself, so he challenged the famous warrior Cúchulainn. The dad didn't know his son and vice-versa; it wasn't until Cúchulainn bumped off his own kid that he noticed Conloach's ring—which Cúchulainn had given Aoife—that he realized what he did.

Case Status: Case closed. Cúchulainn was found guilty, but was needed at war. He was sentenced to only two thousand push-ups.

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