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Cúchulainn (Cúchulain) - Cúchulainn vs. Conall Cernach and Loegaire

Cúchulainn vs. Conall Cernach and Loegaire

Case Description: The complainant (Cúchulainn) accuses his fellow warriors of perjury. They failed to fulfill an oath made at a feast. To figure out which warrior amongst the Ulstermen had the maddest skills at war, a giant challenged Conall Cernach, Loegaire, and Cúchulainn—all heroes—to chop his ugly head off. Then the giant would decapitate each man in turn. When every warrior chopped the giant's head off, their tree-like enemy was resurrected. Conall and Loegaire ran away like scaredy-cats.

Brave as always, Cúchulainn put his head on the block, ready to die. Just in time, the giant morphed back into his true shape—a wizard with an old-man beard—and told Cúchulainn that he was the buffest of them all.

Case Status: Dismissed. After all, what bro can hold a grudge for long against another bro?