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Cúchulainn (Cúchulain) - Culain vs. Cúchulainn

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Culain vs. CĂșchulainn

Case Description: Culain the smith charges CĂșchulainn with cruelty to animals. King Conchobar went to dinner at his friend Culain's house. His nephew, then called Setanta, didn't want to go eat yet and kept playing hurling outside. When he finally arrived at Culain's house, Culain's guard dog went rabid. It attacked the latecomer and, to protect himself, Setanta killed the hound with his hurling equipment.

Case Status: Case closed. Culain didn't care about the dog, so long as he had a guard. To pay Culain back for killing his guard hound, Setanta guarded the man's fortress for a year. That earned him the name of "Cu Culain," or "Hound of Culain."

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