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Cúchulainn (Cúchulain) - The Ladies' Men

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The Ladies' Men

These hunks can be found at nightclubs, coffee shops, department stores, or anywhere they might be able to find a cute girl. They're constantly trying to one-up each other by dating the prettiest ladies around.

Zeus (Jupiter)

King of the Greek gods, the lord of the thunderbolt is sexy and he knows it. Zeus is the ultimate womanizer who's got the digits of every divine diva. He loves to rattle off the list of ladies he's dated: Hera (his wife), Leda, Semele… the list goes on and on.


This god of prophecy, light, and music competes with his father, Zeus, for the title of "master seducer." He's gotten down with such lovely ladies as Coronis, Creusa, and Cyrene. Not every woman falls under Apollo's spell, though. Daphne got so fed up with him that she transferred realms from the semi-divine to the botanical. She turned into a tree just so the god couldn't make out with her.


A Welsh hero, Gilfaethwy's got it going on. He uses magic to trick ladies into loving him. When he fell hard for a girl at his uncle's court, he and his brother, Gwydion, created a diversion so their uncle would skip merrily off to battle. Then Gilfaethwy could pay some attention to his crush. Though his uncle turned him and his brother into animals, Gilfaethwy's now fully human again—and ready to find a new girl. Any takers?

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