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Eros (Cupid)

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    Eros (Cupid) is the god of passion, desire, and (sometimes) love. He's Captain Mojo. When you hear a god described like that, you might think that any story he pops up in will end happily. Two people will meet, fall in love, skip through fields of flowers, make babies, and all that good stuff. However, this is hardly ever what goes down when Eros comes a knockin'. Instead, the mischievous little guy causes trouble everywhere he goes – sometimes, for no better reason than his own personal amusement.

    Basic Information




    Cupid (my Roman name), Captain Love, Mr. Moro, Lover Boy, Passion Patrol, Cupido, Love Machine


    All the time...JK! I'm a boy.

    Current city

    Mount Olympus

    Work & Education


    I'm the god of passion, desire, and lust. Are you jealous? You should be. Also, I'm Aphrodite's right-hand man.


    Political views

    Make love not war. Actually, war is alright as long we make love while we do it.

    Family & Friends (& Enemies)


    Aphrodite (mom) and Ares (dad)…maybe. What can I say? I'm a man of mystery.


    The Erotes: Anteros, Himeros, Pothos. There are more, but I forget all their names. They're all just trying to copy off of me anyway.


    With Psyche: Voluptas, the goddess of pleasure, and we're oh so proud of her.
    Some say that I fathered all of the birds with Khaos, the sky. I don't claim them though. Can you imagine the child support?




    Everybody loves me (except for Apollo sometimes)


    Relationship status

    Married to Psyche (she's hawt)


    TV Shows

    True Blood
    The Young and the Restless
    Sex and the City
    Gossip Girl


    "Love sought is good, but given unsought is better."

    William Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

    "(i do not know what it is about you that closes 

    and opens; only something in me understands 

    the voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses) 

    nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands" 
    e. e. cummings, "somewhere i have never traveled"

    "Gather ye rosebuds as ye may,
    Old Time is still a-flying:
    And this same flower that smiles to-day
    Tomorrow will be dying."
    Robert Herrick, "To the Virgins, to make much of Time"

    "Rah, rah, ah, ah, ah 
    Roma, roma, ma 
    Gaga, ooh, la, la
    Want your bad romance" 
    Lady Gaga, "Bad Romance"

    "Love would never leave us alone" 
    – Bob Marley


    The National Enquirer
    A Midsummer's Night's Dream by Shakespeare
    The Gift of the Magi by O. Henry
    The poems of Pablo Neruda
    Shakespeare's sonnets
    The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins


    Otis Redding, Try a Little Tenderness
    D'Angelo, Feel Like Makin' Love
    Marvin Gaye, Sexual Healing
    Katy Perry, Hot n' Cold
    Etta James, I'd Rather Go Blind
    Whitney Houston, I Will Always Love You
    Amy Winehouse's version of Cupid


    Crazy, Stupid, Love
    Friends with Benefits
    Easy A
    Pretty Woman
    He's Just Not that Into You

    Activities & Interests


    Valentine's Day
    Emma Stone
    Perez Hilton


    Love Gods
    Movers and Shakers of Olympus
    Matchmakers Anonymous

    • Spotter's Guide

      Eros is easy to identify – how many guys do you know who fly around naked, with a bow and a quiver full of arrows? If you see him, though, hide. Or else you might get stung by one of his love arrows.

      Physical Description

      Sex: Male
      Age: Young man or baby
      Build: Slim as a young man, extremely pudgy as a baby
      Complexion: Pale
      Hair color: Light brown, blond, or strawberry blond
      Facial hair: None
      Scars/marks/tattoos: None
      Jewelry and accessories: Wings
      Clothing: Nude
      Armor: None
      Type of weapon: Bow and arrows

      Typical Companions

      • Aphrodite, his mother (they're almost inseparable)
      • Psyche, his wife
      • Young lovers
      • Doves
      • Dolphins

      Other Notes

      Known hangouts: Eros is known to loiter around the woods, looking for young people to shoot with his love arrows.

      Escape vehicle: Eros' wings allow him fly away from crime scenes.

    • Sightings

      Dec 20, 1961


      "Cupid, draw back your bow and let your arrow go/ Straight to my lover's heart, for me…" In this song by Sam Cooke, the singer begs Cupid for a bit of help in his love life. (Check out the song here.) Amy Winehouse also did a great cover of the song. (Listen to it here.)

      Dec 20, 1987

      Marvel Comics

      Cupid entered the Marvel universe in an Avengers comic book in 1987. He has an unbelievable superhero outfit and Fabio-like blond hair.

      Dec 20, 1997


      "I'm only sayin' what's in my heart/ Cupid doesn't lie …" This one is a song by 112. (Listen to the full song here.)

      Dec 20, 1998 - Dec 20, 2019


      This old TV series from ABC has a pretty crazy premise: "Trevor Hale is attractive, witty, uncommonly intelligent - and he may be Cupid, the Greco-Roman god of erotic love. Probably not, but he thinks so. Trevor's insistence that he is Cupid lands him in a mental hospital, where he meets psychologist Claire Allen, a renowned authority on romance. Trevor tells Claire that he has been stripped of his godly powers by Zeus, and exiled from Mount Olympus as a punishment for arrogance. To win his way back among the gods, Trevor must unite 100 couples in everlasting love, without his bow and arrows." The series was remade in 2009.

      Dec 20, 2019


      "You'll always be mine, Cupid only misses sometimes …" Cupid inspires yet another song – this one by Jack Johnson. (Listen to it here.)

      Dec 20, 2019

      "Cupid's Chokehold"

      In this Gym Class Heroes song, Cupid doesn't always play nice. He also makes an appearance in the music video.

      Dec 20, 2019


      "And Cupid has done it again." Songs named Cupid never get old. Lloyd joins the list of artists who have written songs about Cupid. (Listen to the song here.)