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Cupid and Psyche Cupid (Eros)

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Cupid (Eros)

Usually, when Cupid, god of love and desire, pops up in a story, he wreaks havoc by making other people fall in love. The mischievous little god is famous for causing tons of trouble with his magic passion-inducing arrows. In the tale of "Cupid and Psyche," however, we see the tables turned. It's Cupid's life that is turned upside down when his own arrow stings him, causing him to fall in love with the stunningly beautiful mortal girl, Psyche. He's even so smitten with Psyche that he goes against the wishes of his mommy dearest (Venus), which is pretty much unheard of in most other stories. In the end, it all works out, though, and Psyche becomes Cupid's wife for all eternity.

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