When you've got a story in which Cupid (Eros), the god of desire and love, falls in love himself, you can bet that romance is going to be a major theme. Of course, it wouldn't be much of a story if Cupid and Psyche just fell in love and everything was immediately happy ever after. When Psyche shows distrust in Cupid and gets a glimpse of what he looks like against his wishes, Cupid abandons her, showing that love cannot survive if there is no trust between two people. After determinedly completing a series of tasks, however, Psyche eventually regains Cupid and finds eternal bliss, perhaps teaching the lesson that lasting love can only be attained through dedication and struggle.

Questions About Love

  1. How does Psyche and Cupid's love grow over the course of the story?
  2. What other kinds of love besides romantic are seen in the story?
  3. Think about the way Cupid is characterized in the story. What might this depiction be saying about the nature of love itself?

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