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Daedalus and Icarus Obeying Elders

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Obeying Elders

Is it just us, or does wax wings + hundred mile journey + hot sun seem like a recipe for disaster? Still, maybe this myth would've had a happy ending if Icarus had just listened to his dad. Because really, how hard is it to just fly at a middle height? Birds do it all the time!

But does Icarus listen? Nope. Once he realizes how fun and easy flying is, he forgets his father's advice and ascends to new stratospheric heights. For a few fleeting moments, Icarus has the time of this lifeā€¦ but then his wings melt and he falls to his watery death. The message about obeying your parents (and using some self-control) is pretty clear here, don't you think?

Questions About Obeying Elders

  1. Have you ever disobeyed your parents in order to achieve something great? Was it worth it? Do you think Icarus should have just listened to his dad?
  2. What was the most useful piece of advice you ever received from a parent? What other advice can you imagine that Daedalus gave to Icarus?
  3. Was Daedalus' warning strong enough? How else could he have prevented Icarus' death?
  4. Icarus clearly wasn't mature enough to handle his wings. Should Daedalus have known better than to give him a pair?

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