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Deirdre - I'm Out of Love...and a Home

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I'm Out of Love...and a Home

What's a girl or guy to do when she's exiled from his or her home—whether willingly or unwillingly? Commiserate, of course. These exiled ladies and gents have formed an expats club—they cook their favorite dishes from home, tell native stories, and work on tapestries combining their respective cultural traditions. Oh, and they petition the UN for return.


Wife of the Hindu hero Rama, Sita goes into exile with her hubby. Then, she's abducted by the demon Ravana, but Rama gets her back with the help of the monkey-king Hanuman. Her hubby doesn't appreciate her, though, afraid that she wasn't faithful to him, so Sita gets swallowed by the Earth.


Cronus is the Greek Titan who rose up against his dad, Ouranous. He then gobbled down his own kids—except Zeus, whom his mother Rhea hid away, giving Cronus a stone instead to eat—to prevent himself from being overthrown as king. Zeus and his siblings eventually got together and beat the Titans, banishing them to Tartarus in the Underworld!


The ten suns in the sky wanted to rebel against their dad, so the ruler at the time, Yao, got the boys' father, Di Jun involved. Yi, an archer, shot most of the sunny sons out of the sky. They turned into gold crows, but Yao stole Yi's last arrow from his quiver, since the Earth needed one sun left. Then, he banished Yi and his wife from Heaven.

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