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Deucalion - Creators of Man (Pottery and Sculpture Society)

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Creators of Man (Pottery and Sculpture Society)

This club is pretty exclusive to say the least. To get in, you must have at some point created human beings by using rocks, clay, or other earthy stuff. Crafty, right? Deucalion and his wife, Pyrrha, became proud members of this group after they landed on Mt. Parnassus and repopulated the Earth by tossing some rocks over their shoulders.


This guy was actually Deucalion's dad and was said to have created the first round of humanity by sculpting them from clay. He later got in big trouble with Zeus for stealing fire from the sacred altar of Olympus and giving it to mankind. We're guessing he was pretty proud of Deucalion when he got humanity going again after the big flood.

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