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In the Chronicles of Imaginarium Geographica series by James A. Owen, there's a dude named Deucalion who's an ancient shipbuilder. Sounds like somebody else we know.

Deucalion is the title of a young adult novel in which the inhabitants of the devastated Old Earth travel to the new planet of Deucalion to start over again. (Yeah, we're pretty positive this was inspired by a certain Greek survivor man we know.)

In the anime show, Kiddy Grade, Deucalion is the name of a giant spaceship that all the rich people in the galaxy plan to use to escape a growing revolution.

Deucalion was honored to learn that they named an asteroid after him. That is, until he found out that pretty much every other person from Greek mythology has an asteroid too.

In Dean Koontz's Frankenstein series, the monster decides to call himself Deucalion. (The real Deucalion wasn't exactly flattered by this.)

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