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Eos (Aurora) - Early Risers

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Early Risers

Eos and the other ladies in this clique are serious morning people. They get to school everyday before it even opens. You might get annoyed at people who are bright and chipper at the crack of dawn, but you really ought to give these gals a break. They're all responsible for causing morning to happen, so it's a good thing they're alert so early.


Ushas is the Hindu goddess of the dawn, who rides across the sky everyday in a shining chariot drawn by cows. (Wait...cows?) Like Eos, Ushas is said to be really beautiful. She's so gorgeous that she actually causes the sun to rise. That's right, the sun is so enamored with the lovely goddess that he can't help but chase her across the sky.


Also called Ostara, this pretty young thing is a Germanic goddess of spring, fertility, and—you guessed it—the dawn. Learning a little bit about her will help explain the annual question of "What does Easter have to do with bunnies and eggs?" Turns out that Easter used to be a celebration of Eostre, before everybody in Europe turned Christian and decided to make it a celebration of Jesus's resurrection instead. Both bunnies and eggs are symbols of fertility from way back, so when Eostre came on to the scene, these ancient symbols got looped into her festival. For whatever reason, the bunnies and eggs stayed popular, even though paganism was stamped out. (Did you notice how EOStre starts with Eos. A coincidence? We think not.)


This dawn goddess was worshiped way back in the day—so far back that the ancient Greeks would've called her ancient. In fact, many believe that she was one of the original dawn goddesses… ever. She's most likely the inspiration for Ushas, Eostre, and our girl, Eos.

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