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Fates - Mean Girls

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Mean Girls

The Moirae are like the ultimate mean girls. They sit around sneakily controlling everyone's life without anyone really knowing they're doing it. They may seem innocent enough as they sit and sew their threads, but secretly everything that goes on is in their control. We'd tell you to watch out for them, but it really doesn't matter. If they've got it in for you, there's nothing you can do about it. We recommend you stay on their good side.

The Parcae

Also called the Fata, the Parcae are the Roman versions of the Moirae. The youngest sister was Nonna, who like Clotho, spins the thread of life. Decima is the middle sister who measures the thread, making her the equivalent of Lachesis. The oldest sister is Morta, who like Atropos, cut the thread of life. Yeah, they're pretty much the same ladies.

The Norns

Since they're totally in control, it's not surprising that the Fates have a counterpart in Norse mythology, too. Like their Greek and Roman peers, the Norns are three sisters who control the fate of gods and men by weaving and cutting the threads of life. Urd (fate), Verdandi (necessity), and Skuld (being) live at the base of Yggdrasil, the World Tree, where they help to extend the tree's life by replenishing it with water drawn from the Well of Fate. Pretty cool set-up, don't you think?


This goddess from Slavic and Baltic mythology is said to have a golden book in which everybody's fate is written. Yep, once you're born, everything that you're going to do is written down. Believe us, that's probably not a book you want to read.


This oceanic deity is all about death and the prediction of it. If you really want to know how you'll die, the lady will tell you. But, come on now, do you really want to know?

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