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Fergus mac Roich - Fergus vs. Conchobar mac Nessa

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Fergus vs. Conchobar mac Nessa

Case description: Fergus accuses Conchobar of compromising Fergus's honor by breaking his oath to not harm Deirdre. When Fergie brought back Naoise, Deirdre's lover, and Deirdre to Ulster, Conchy had promised he wouldn't get jealous and hurt anyone. Fergus had given his word that they'd be safe, since Conchobar said the kids would be fine, but the king killed Naoise and stole Deirdre away.

Case status: Pending. Fergus was so pissed at Conchobar that he abandoned his stepson and Ulster and went to work for Maeve and Ailill of Connacht. Until he returns to Ulster, the case cannot be tried.

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