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Freyja's name appears in the first verse of the Danish national anthem "A Lovely Land is Ours." The last two lines of this verse are "Her name, of old, is Denmark, / And she is Freyja's home [or hall]."

One of Freyja's names, Vanadís, which means "child of the Vanir," is the source of the name for the element Vanadium (source). 

Until the late 19th century, people in rural Sweden believed that sheet lightning was caused by Freyja, lighting up the sky so she could check if the crops were ripe (source: Schön, Ebbe (2004). Asa-Tors hammare, Gudar och jättar i tro och tradition. Fält & Hässler, Värnamo. (Swedish)).

Three of the stars that form Orion's belt in the Orion constellation were once known to the Swedes as "Freyja's distaff" (source).

Watch out, Victoria's Secret! Freyja has her own lingerie line for curvaceous women, called Freya (source). 

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