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Frigg has got a boatload of things named after her. How about this for random? Frigg is the name of a natural gas field in the middle of the North Sea, on the boundary between the U.K. and Norway.

Are you from Timbuktu? Or Kalamazoo? You think your town has a cool name? Well, top this: Friggeraker.

Get ready for some more Frigg namesakes: how about a Finnish/Swedish ensemble of “hot fiddles from cool Scandinavia” and an online magazine of fiction and poetry.

The word for everyone’s favorite day of the week derives from Frigg’s name. Since the Latin word for Friday is named after the goddess Venus, the Germanic people substituted the name of the equivalent god in their culture. The Old English friges daeg, “Frigg’s day,” becomes Friday in modern English. (Source.)

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