Study Guide

Glaucus and Scylla

  • Introduction

    Gotta tell ya: this myth is a little creepy. It reminds us of one of those stalker movies. Check it: you've got some lonely dude (Glaucus, the immortal merman) who spies a beautiful girl (Scylla, the sea nymph) walking naked on the beach. Dude is smitten and asks a drug dealer (Circe, the sea witch) for a potion to bend the girl to his will.

    Is it just us, or is this all seriously dark? By the end of the story, it gets darker still, and the pretty nymph is transformed into a man-eating monster by her stalker's obsession. Wow, it looks like the ancient Greeks were just as into intense dramas as we are today.

    Yeah, it's dark. Yeah, it's creepy.

    But that's what makes the tale of Glaucus and Scylla a one-hundred-and-fifty-percent must-read.

    • Best of the Web

      Glaucus and Scylla Resources


      Glaucus, the Slug
      This website will tell you all about he breed of sea slug that's named after Glaucus. (They're pretty cute for slugs.)

      Movie or TV Productions

      The Odyssey
      The epic poem transformed into an epic TV series—Scylla included.


      The Ocean Hunter
      Scylla is one of boss sea monsters in the arcade video game, The Ocean Hunter, in which players can blow the crap out various creatures with two mounted gun turrets. Though the game is rare in most places, it's huge in Singapore.

      God of War: Ghost of Sparta
      Kratos goes up against Skylla and her monstrous brood in this hack-and-slash video game. (She looks totally disgusting in this one.)


      Class Project
      Some high school kids do their own version of the myth in this video.

      Hey, Sailor
      Scylla looks particularly scary in this movie version of the Odyssey.


      Metamorphoses for Your Lobes
      You can listen to all of Ovid's Metamorphoses here, including the part Glaucus and Scylla.

      Oh! dyssey
      Listen to the Scyllafied section of Homer's Odyssey here.


      Scylla says, "Yeah, like I'd ever date a gross merman."

      An Important Lesson...
      Hell hath no fury like a sea witch scorned.

      Uh Oh...
      Guess that wasn't a love potion after all.

      It Ain't Easy Bein' Scylla
      She's got a lot of mouths to feed.

      One Sexy Tail
      There's no ring of dog heads on this Scylla plaque, but that's one good lookin' tail.