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Glaucus and Scylla Scylla

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The beautiful sea nymph seems to be an innocent victim in this story, and is apparently allergic to wearing clothes. She never asks Glaucus to fall in love with her, and she certainly never asks him to accidentally transform her into an awful monster for the rest of her days. Can she help it that she's just not into dudes who are part fish, even though she is totally in love with the sea?

Some versions of the myth try to make it seem like she deserves this terrible transformation by saying that she's kind of vain. These tellings of the tale say that Scylla likes nothing better than talking crap with her nymph friends about every guy who's into her. These versions of the myth seem to be saying that Scylla is punished for her thinking she's too beautiful for anybody else by being transformed into a hideous monster.

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