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Medusa - Snake Lovers Club

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Snake Lovers Club

As you might imagine, Medusa's all about snakes all the time. She and the Snake Lovers Club sometimes eat their lunch in the Biology classroom where they can watch and play with the laboratory snakes there. Creepy? Maybe. But if you had snakes for hair, you'd probably develop a fascination for them too. Medusa really is in good company when it comes to her love of snakes.

The Lernean Hydra

The Hydra is one lethal monster. Imagine a giant dog with lots of angry, venomous snake heads spouting from its shoulders. Now imagine that each time you chop one of these snake heads off, a new one immediately grows back in its place. You’ve got yourself a Hydra. Famous monster killer hero Heracles destroyed the Hydra in his second of Twelve Labors by tag-teaming the beast with his nephew Iolaus. Each time Heracles chopped off one the Hydra’s heads, Iolaus would cauterize the decapitated stump with some fiery fire. Poor Hydra.


In Norse mythology, Jormungand is the child of Loki, the trickster god. Jormungand is a GIANT serpent. And by "giant," we mean that he got so big and dangerous that Odin, king of the Norse gods, was like, "Time to throw that snake into the ocean where he won't hurt anyone and where we can keep an eye on him." Now, Jormungand lives in the ocean. He's so big that he wraps all the way around the earth's surface and can chew on his own tail. At Ragnarok (the Norse end of the world), he and Thor will destroy each other.


Heracles is one of the most famous Greek heroes. He is the illegitimate son of Zeus and a lady named Alcmene. Zeus' wife, Hera, was so upset that her husband had slept around and spawned a baby with some mortal woman that she vowed to make Heracles' life miserable. When he was just a tiny baby, Hera sent two deadly snakes to crawl into Heracles' crib. Being awesome, Heracles thought these snakes were his toys, and he choked them to death. This whole event gives a new meaning to the baby rattle toy. We're pretty sure that in another life Heracles would be Bear Grylls, who eats snakes in his sleep.

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