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Gwydion - Class Clowns

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Class Clowns

These guys sit in the back of the classroom and snicker at the teacher. Coyote's the one who throws spitballs, while Gwydion turns the class hamster into a snake, badger, or raccoon during recess. Hermes likes to guide souls to the Underworld—which can often interfere with his classes.

Hermes (Mercury)

Hermes has been a trickster from birth. When he was a few days old, this baby god, called Mercury by the Romans, conned Apollo into making Hermes the lord of cattle. In exchange, Hermes gave Apollo his musical masterpiece: the lyre. Hermes is also the god's messenger, master of the Olympus Postal Service, and protector of merchants, liars, travelers, and thieves.


Hailing from the Wild West, Coyote is the Navajo trickster god. He created the Milky Way—NBD—just like Gwydion did. Like Gwydion, he's also a shape-shifter; he once swapped places with a human man and made love to his wife. He and Gwydion like trying to turn each other into the strangest creatures they can think of.


Like Coyote and Gwydion, Anansi's a mischievous figure. This guy hails from West Africa; more specifically, from the Ashanti people. This spider-man gets into trouble often, but his six sons will help get him out. He doesn't sling webs to get from building to building, but he is a big Tobey Maguire fan.

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