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Gwydion - Sorcerers

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These guys are more than your average Harry Houdinis. Don't expect to see them just disappear behind a curtain; instead, expect the unexpected. From changing people into animals to waving their magic wands, these dudes know how to bring abracadabra to life.


One of the chief Norse gods, Odin is also a regular David Blaine. Lord over war and death, he can chat with ghosts to give them the latest gossip from Earth. He once traded his eye for a bottle of Wisdom Well Water, so he's pretty smart, but he also hates studying for tests. He's got his best wolf friends to help him fend off anyone who wants to make him take an exam.


Heka is the personification of magic in ancient Egypt. He got two pet snakes from the Egyptian desert and overpowered them to show off his magical strength. Heka is more than just a snake charmer, though: this god serves as Ra's personal assistant for a few hours every morning by warding off evil as the sun god cruises across the sky. You can count on him to kill any bugs or block off any bad magic that comes near him and his friends.


The ultimate British sorcerer, Merlin's got a few tricks hidden up the sleeves of his wizard's robe. He's best known for hiding the baby King Arthur from his enemies, but Merlin also has ties to the magical island of Avalon and hangs out in a crystal cave. He and his buddies like to chill there on the weekends after school is out.

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